The Necessary Skillset and Perfect Tools To Handle E-waste

In today’s world, consumer electronics and commercial electronics have a limited lifespan. As they are replaced, what should happen to the old, unused, or damaged electronics? It’s easy to answer that question with Re-Circuit Recycling. E-waste can be responsibly handled by us because we have the necessary skillset and tools. In addition to protecting our environment, we also protect your data. 

What is considered

For any questions or concerns of items accepted, please call or email. [email protected] or 419-930-8556 extension 3

Zero Export

No electronics are exported to developing countries or continents such as China, India or Africa.

Zero Landfill Disposal

Following EPA guidelines is our top priority, and we ensure our downstream partners do the same. We recycle or remarket every electronic asset entrusted to us. No waste is left to be disposed of in landfills. Your organization’s e-waste assets are processed domestically to ensure the highest level of security.

Data Security – 100% data destruction.

 We go above and beyond industry global standards when we handle devices that are designed to store data. Re-Circuit’s data destruction service exceeds the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology. Upon request, a serialized certificate of destruction is provided at no cost.

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